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Steel-Arte Windows


Steel Arte windows

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“A century of Swiss design and innovation defined as Steel-Arte

In partnership with Europe’s leading steel systems haus, Dynamic introduces Steel-Arte. An innovation in steel windows, Steel-Arte enables architects to use a true thermally broken steel window with narrow sight lines and 21st century energy efficiency for the very first time.

A True Solution to Steel Window and Door Thermal Challenges

Created specifically for North American historical steel window replacement, Steel-Arte is an excellent solution for both luxury residential or historical projects. Combining the strength and elegance of steel with traditional profiles, Steel-Arte is the long awaited solution to the issues that have been associated with conventional steel window offerings. Let’s be clear: Steel-Arte is not a variation on existing non-thermally broken extrusion products or those euphemistically marketed as “partially” or “enhanced” thermally broken profiles. Tinkering with conventional designs has clearly failed to address the issues. Steel-Arte utilizes a Glass Reinforced Polyethermide (GRP) component, a completely new technology combining strength with advanced thermal performance. Offering only insulated glass without addressing the thermal transfer of the frame is not a solution.

Features and benefits of Steel–Arte:

  • True thermally broken frames and sash    
  • Narrow sight lines
  • Energy efficient performance
  • Elimination of interior condensation and frost
  • Deeper glazing pockets allow for thicker glazing combinations & improved U values
  • State of the art architectural coatings in powder coat or wet spray applications.
  • In-swing and out-swing designs
  • Swiss design -  tested and rated in North America

We invite you to view previous steel window and door projects. As North America’s largest manufacturer of luxury custom windows and doors, Dynamic has responded to the repeated requests of our architectural clientele to enter the steel window arena and bring the benefits of our communication disciplines & technology driven business model to the North American steel sector.

Dynamic Advantages:

  • Factory direct transactions without a middleman
  • Clear and concise communication
  • Complete, prompt and detailed documentation
  • Technology driven integrated business model from sale through to service
  • A proven track record of successful collaboration with leading North Amercian architects & contractors
  • Approved supplier to key Historical Review authorities
  • North America wide network of factory representatives
  • Debt free & financially stable with banking references available
Eliminate the decision of having to compromise between design aesthetics or performance.
With Steel-Arte you can have both.