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We are here to assist you and we'll do everything that we can to make sure you get the information you need to make an informed selection about our windows & doors...

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Most Popular Questions

What makes Dynamic different from other window manufacturers?

- Direct from the manufacturer to you bringing the best overall value.
- Unlimited customization of windows and doors
- Quick detail shop drawing process to speed the design phase
- Accurate shipping estimation to avoid unplanned delays
- Wood, Wood/Aluminum, Wood/Bronze and Steel windows and doors.

Why would I specify Dynamic windows over other brands of windows?

Unlimited flexibility tailored to your design
Professional project managers who manage your window design and supply
Providers of the Best Window Solution for Custom homes and Restorations.

As custom windows and doors, will your products be more expensive and if so how much?

Dynamic uses all of the currently available technology and investment to bring the most efficient production to maximize consistent quality and to minimize your cost.

Dynamic guarantees to provide a competitive price to every project and every product.

Does your company install the windows and doors they manufacture?

We are focused on being the best and most efficient manufacturer of customized windows and doors. It's full time work. Professional installers are available in every market in North America and your G.C. can source such a person or we will be happy to pass on a referral.

Why is 3rd party testing important to an architect?

3rd Party Engineering is a valuable insurance policy for every project involving customization. The unknowns can be safeguarded by involving specialists who remove doubt and risk from everyone involved, especially the homeowner.

The Purchase Process

Can our local window dealer purchase Dynamic windows and sell them to our clients?

No, Dynamic does not market through resellers.

However, even though we are a North American wide provider, we recognize that as a boutique manufacturer we do not get to every supply location where customized windows & doors are occasionally in demand. So we are pleased to have an established network of AFFILIATES who refer projects to us for a minimum finders fee. In these situations, Dynamic's own professional Project Managers work directly with you as if you came to us yourself. There is no added cost to you.

Can I combine both your wood and steel windows in one bid?

It is common for Dynamic to quote wood & steel or wood/clad & steel windows in one bid. The advantages of having Dynamic quote both types of windows & doors are:

- Consistent glass color & insulating glass specifications (rarely do manufactures use the same glass combinations) This eliminates the problem of the glass having a different appearance or construction between different manufacturers.

- Matching paint colors, Dynamic is able to provide a match on the steel windows with both the wood or wood/clad windows & doors.

- The availability of matching hardware designs and colors between the various types of windows.

- Third party lab testing and NFRC testing providing proven performance for all Dynamic windows types.

- A single source for consistent communication, one delivery and one company accountable for the entire warranty.

Will Dynamic assist our firm in the design and budgeting stage so we can avoid the need for value engineering after the project has been awarded to a builder?

Absolutely, Dynamic's professional Project Managers are exceptionally well trained to provide accurate budgetary pricing and early value engineering throughout the initial design stage. We're able to provide alternate budgets for a variety of products in Wood, Steel or Aluminum and more often today, combinations of products commonly referred to as hybrid solutions.

What can we expect in the way of shop drawings with a custom order?

Clear and concise communication is key to our business philosophy and we do everything we can to eliminate the potential of errors while setting clear expectations.

Every window and door manufactured by Dynamic includes a fully dimensioned elevation drawing and separate sectional drawing for the purchasers approval.

Drawings are typically generated in less the 5 business days. Dynamic shop drawings do not include installation or wall sections however this is an optional service that is available.

Can we purchase direct from the factory or do we need to contact a dealer?

Dynamic sells direct to the purchaser, whether it's the homeowner, contractor or owners representative. We eliminate the middle man to provide optimum value to the customer.

No additional markups or overheads and most importantly you get are working directly with our factory trained project managers whose goal is to ensure you get the best window and solution for your project.

Do you have factory representatives in our area?

We do have a team of professional project managers across the country however we recognize as a boutique manufacturer we do not have a local factory representative in every location where customized windows and doors are occasionally in demand. In that instance we are pleased to have an established network of AFFILIATES who refer projects to us for a minimum finder's fee. In these situations, Dynamic's own professional Project Managers work directly with you as if you came to us yourself. There is no added cost to you and you are dealing direct with factory trained project managers. Dynamic has been shipping to all over North America for over 20 years and we have mastered working at a distance if there is no local representation.

Product Specifications

What is the maximum size of window or door we can order?

Though it's a simple question, the answer is complicated as there are a number of variables that are specific to each individual window or door. While Dynamic is known for pushing the envelope on large sizes and unique designs, the variables that need to be reviewed include:

- Performance design requirements like wind load, deflection, safety requirements and thermal performance.
- Glass specifications and sizes: Each glass type has production limitations based on maximum sizes by glass type.
- Shipping and Handling logistics based on truck size and site access
- Budgets may dictate as moving to non-conventional size glass can increase a price dramatically with only a nominal size increase.

Dynamic's well trained project managers can walk you through the variables and assist you in achieving the optimum solution for each individual application.

Do you offer engineering services for the larger window walls and doors?

Third party engineering is available when the degree of design customization exceed tested parameters. Consider engineering a valuable insurance protection, benefiting the architect, contractor as well as the homeowners.

Our local inspectors enforce NFRC codes. Are your windows compliant?

Dynamic tests windows & doors to the NFRC standards using a wide range of glass specifications. Whether the objective is superior thermal or exceptional shading performance, Dynamic can provide the right glass solution for each application with certified NFRC performance values.