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Maximizing Product Value

20 years ago window sales involved the manufacturer selling products to distributors who inventoried standard products. Distributors marked up the price from the manufacturer to cover overheads and profit. Distributors then sold those same products to dealers who again mark up the distributor price to cover their overhead and profits. This was referred to as 2-step distribution and resulted in inefficient product delivery and higher prices to you.

Today, the wholesale distributor has been removed, but the manufacturers still sell products to dealers who mark up those prices to cover additional overheads and profits. We sell direct and remove the dealer markups.

We only "sell direct" through our professional team of Project Managers who are ready to explain the customization, product specification and tailor our manufacturing to your personalized design from initial concept to detailed shop drawings and after-delivery service. The typical distribution of windows and doors involves small independent dealers that often represent a wide range of window companies. This broad representation often results in sales people who are less knowledgeable than you'd like about any one product (a "Jack of all trades, but master of none" situation).

With a variety of window brands it's been our observation that the dealer sales representatives with limited technical knowledge of each manufacturer will focus their sales efforts on the products that deliver the highest margin or commission, rather than the best window solution for the budget.

Unified company objectives

The team of Project Managers at Dynamic are professionally trained and focus solely on providing design and budget assistance through the broad customization available from Dynamic. They are not compensated with commissions or short term incentives as they share the same objectives as the company in providing superior solutions and service with the single goal of becoming long-term partners with design professionals.

Dynamic has grown through good and bad economies without the need of advertising using referrals and our reputation to generate new business. Selling direct eliminates the overheads of local showrooms and commissioned sales people, but more importantly it allows the customer to obtain the best window solution for their chosen budget.

Manufacturer Direct - Maximizes Product Value

Window business model comparison

With the secondary 25% to 35% added dealer markups removed from the pricing model, the consumer gets a far greater value when purchasing "direct from the manufacturer".