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Lift and slide pocketing door

Pocket Door Applications

Utilize a vanishing partition to create a seamless transition from interior to exterior or from room to room. Dynamic's exterior lift and slide pocketing doors can meet at a corner and retract into a pocket to provide a truly unique opening. Our interior pocket doors are top hung or for larger slabs, can run on a flush sill with lift and slide hardware.

Dynamic differences

  • Straight or radius tracks
  • 90 degree angles or custom angle, with or without corner post
  • Multiple wood species or split species
  • Sliding wood frame screen doors
  • Available with TDL or glass and wood panel combinations
  • Engineered core stiles and rails
  • Laminated glass option for security, sound abatement, safety and maximum UV filtration
  • Over-size Lift & Slide slabs up to 880lbs
  • Factory pre-finishing at component stage


glass hardware profiles split species factory pre-finishing security screens

Related applications

  • Exterior pocket doors can be manufactured with pocketing screens or multiple slabs but a larger wall depth will be required.