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French Casement

True French casements, both in-swing and out-swing, are a Dynamic specialty. Combining an advanced knowledge of weather-stripping and sash engineering with complete flexibility of design enables us to offer a French casement that looks and performs better than the rest. With flexible stile and rail dimensions, frame dimensions, profiles, hardware and glazing options, the architect is free to re-create an authentic historical window without compromising advanced performance characteristics. French casements are available as arch top, radius or flat top.

Dynamic differences

  • True Divided Lite widths from 15/16" (2.4cm)
  • Multiple wood species or split species sash
  • Flexible stile, rail and frame dimensions
  • Friction hinge or butt hinges with historical finials
  • Cremone bolt, Cam handle or multi-point hardware
  • Matching wood frame screens
  • Restoration Glass option


glass hardware profiles split species factory pre-finishing security screens

Related applications

  • As with any in-swing product, consideration needs to be given to how blinds, draperies and other interior window treatments will work around the in-swing sash.
  • Our French casements exceed typical performance characteristics for this design by incorporating a high-performance weather-stripped T-astragal.