Dynamic Architectural Windows DoorsTo all our friends,

We live in uncertain times and almost everyone I speak to asks how our business is doing in face of this adversity?  Contrary to my belief that it is better to show than to tell,  I’d like clarify our situation and intentions during these unexpected times.  After nearly 30 years in manufacturing custom windows and doors we have earned our long held position of  financial stability.  We remain a privately held, debt free company, operated by those that own and care about our people, our customers and our long term sustainability.   A  conservative perspective continues to steer our organization today, enabling us to play the “long game” of business, positively reacting to adversity today, while  focused on  cautious growth,  emphasizing long term relationships along with continuous capital improvements to better serve our growing design community.  We remain committed to providing the greatest value in products built for the Individual.

So during this period of uncertainty, whether it’s a few months or a couple of years, we will maintain our commitments to our employees, our customers and our business:

  • Retain all of our employees and keep them and theirs with incomes to support those they love.
  • Support our Customers in meeting their obligations in design, cost and delivery.
  • Invest in manufacturing equipment and processes, supporting our objectives in Mass-customization, lowering costs of entry to a growing segment of architects
  • Continuous R&D product development resulting in better product options at lesser costs

We are proud to have become a strong and stable company with a singular focus on advancements in our products and services.  During these past 30-years we have incurred and survived many periods of adversity and I can assure you that today’s difficult times will also pass.  When that does happen, we hope that all of you will have gained some positive experiences out of these negative times.  It is our opportunity to create a future that exceeds our past.

John Mathews


What makes an extraordinary lifestyle?

Your vision, your choices, your values. Those moments created with family & friends.

This becomes your legacy.

We build hand-crafted windows and doors designed in collaboration with architects who think differently.

Dynamic Architectural: Experience the Extraordinary

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The luxury of spontaneity and the freedom to design with confidence. Dynamic can transform your next signature project with flexible engineered solutions and a proven business model.

Imagine the possibilities – Beautiful, proven and dependable. Whether it’s classical, traditional or modern, Dynamic can deliver the extraordinary.

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Design Inspirations

Inspiration is an integral part of the creative design process. Dynamic’s windows and doors have been integrated into many of North America’s award winning luxury custom homes. Here are a few projects that show how leading residential architects have used Dynamic’s design flexibility in creating their unique vision.

Architectural Window & Door Resources
The Dynamic Design Guide is designed to streamline the architectural design process with a digital palette of established concepts. View, copy, download and incorporate some of our many profiles and details. View Architectural Resources 

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