Brooklyn Rowhouse with A Modern Update

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The ubiquitous rowhouse started popping up around the city in the late-18th and early-19th centuries as popular single-family dwellings. As the name implies, they were built with matching brick, then later brownstone, limestone, and terra-cotta façades, bringing architectural uniformity to city living. Today, as popular as ever, they still might look cohesive from the street, but once inside, owners have customized to their heart’s and wallet’s content in order to make city living that much more palatable. Entrepreneur Tim Cotton, and his wife, Anne-Laure Py, moved to Brooklyn in 2014 in search of a house that would accommodate their growing family. …

A Modern Take on a Country Garden House

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Situated to be in harmony with its lush landscape, this home built for a master gardener takes every opportunity to draw in views of the surrounding gardens and rolling hills, while also creating a warm and comfortable space suitable for a multi-generational family. “The form of the reclaimed barnwood-clad house is reminiscent of a farm structure or even a greenhouse with its gridded glazing and pitched roof, and high windows at each end of the main volume flood the home with light.” Gardens designed in collaboration with notable plantsman Dan Hinkley are visible from every room, and window walls by …

Laminated Glass Keeps Tigers Out Of Your Bedroom (and Other Surprising Benefits of Using Laminated Glass in Architecture)

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Given the number of conversations we have on the subject, perhaps laminated glass isn’t always appreciated for its full range of benefits. We are seeing glass used more and more as a significant component of the architectural design of exterior envelopes. The trend doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. Expectations that glass should do more (and different) things has grown. And of course, architects have been bombarded with glass performance data ranging from actual breakthrough technologies to mere overblown hyperbole. While we work on specifications for high-tech glass on a daily basis (switch-lite glass, bullet-proof and blast-proof glass, …

steel windows and doors

Serene Home Design on Long Island Sound

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Nature loves a soft curve and a gentle line that dips and soars. In fact, the natural world is full of these sublime details: budding flowers, a bird’s wing, an ocean wave cresting. And that idea seems to be infused into the lines of this coastal Long Island Sound two-story home in Greenwich, Connecticut. Achieving the home’s serene mood—amid amenities such as a theater, wine room, and hammam, or Turkish bath—required a collaborative approach. The home’s diligent design team included McKee Patterson, partner-in-charge of Austin Patterson Disston Architects in Southport, Connecticut and Quogue, New York; interior designer Maria Barry, cofounder of Le …

Sound Transmission Class & the Architectural Pursuit of Serenity

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More than ever before, architects are looking for solutions to noise pollution. While we may all agree that Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, other forms of noise definitely are. Too much noise directly affects a homeowner’s enjoyment of their space. It could be traffic, an airport or rail line, the nightclub or busy late night restaurant across the street – or a bit of all of those. The cacophony of modern urban living has magnified the pursuit of a refuge, an oasis of peace and quiet. Architects seek to deliver solutions for serenity and calm through their architectural design. …

Mahogany Windows on Guest House

Guest House Amplifies Beauty

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This daring two-bedroom guest house by Allied Works Architecture explores, responds to and amplifies the beauty of its context. Located in a mature deciduous forest of oak, hickory and birch, the architects imagined it as a place to escape the pressures of the city and experience the dramatic change of nature’s four seasons. The fine detailing and careful material selection that make up this building are integral to facilitating such a tranquil environment for connecting with the surrounding environment. The guest house is formed through a series of enclosures and terraces made from panels of wood and glass, manufactured by Dynamic. To …

kinetic facades

Kinetic Façades: Tactile Machines for Living

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Seattle-based architectural firm Olson Kundig has recently crafted a number of unique off-grid, low-tech smart homes with transforming facades. Although seemingly unsophisticated, their façades utilize intricate systems of hinges, pulleys and bearings, devised by Phil Turner, the firm’s in-house “gizmologist.” These hand-operated elements bring tactile experience back to architecture, challenging people to rethink their relationship with the environment around them. The Bigwood Residence, located at the base of the Smoky Mountains in Idaho and built with materials and solutions provided by Dynamic Architectural are highlighted in these unique structures. “The outdoors is welcomed in at nearly every turn, with expansive …

FDEPFAA: How “Factory Direct” Made An Architect Happy

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Once upon a time, there was an architect. He dreamed and he drew. First, he designed a small addition for a house down the street (actually his Mum’s but that’s largely irrelevant). Then he designed a cabin on a lake. Life was good. He was asked to design a house for the Mayor, then the Judge. Before long, his fame spread far beyond his hometown. Dukes, Princes, Kings, Queens and Rupert Murdoch all wanted him to design their houses. Yes, life was good indeed. And yet, a small voice in his head kept whispering, “You can still do better.” (As …

Dynamic Architectural Managing Code Compliance Title 24 blog

Managing Code Compliance With Modern Architectural Home Designs – California’s Title 24 Codes and Beyond

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The changes to California’s Title 24 codes which came into effect on January 1st 2018 have had a noticeable impact on architecture, particularly on modern homes with large expanses of glass. At 60% glass in the envelope, you almost need to be a Chess Grand Master to plot the moves in advance to successfully achieve compliance. Whether you’re using the Prescriptive approach or the Performance model, it’s trickier now than ever before with modern designs. Here’s a look at managing code compliance in California and other states with similar requirements, including a reference list of fenestration considerations to address during …

Welded Aluminum Windows

Welded Metal Windows vs. Mechanically-Fastened: What’s the Comparison?

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A key feature of our Steel, Bronze or Alumin-Arte series of thermally broken metal windows and doors is that components are cut, welded, ground smooth, and then painted. This results in a different product than a mechanically-fastened system. Here’s a quick look at why we do welded metal windows, how we do it, and the results in terms of strength, aesthetics, and longevity. Mechanically-Fastened Metal Windows The standard method of assembling aluminum systems typically involves mechanically-fastened profiles, either nailed, screwed, or crimped together. It’s a quick and efficient way to manufacture, requiring fewer fabrication process steps. Finishing costs are much …

Architectural Specifications for Genuine Mahogany Windows

The Real Mahogany: Architectural Specifications for Genuine Mahogany Windows

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Mahogany. A classic, desirable wood. It’s also commonly imitated. A quote for mahogany windows that seems too good to be true may actually be so. Here’s how to know what exactly you are getting when requesting a quote for mahogany. We’re very familiar with comparing “apples to apples” when talking to architects or contractors about window estimates. It’s a valid part of the due diligence process intended to ensure that the relative value of each proposal is understood by the design team. That’s how it should be. With specifications for Mahogany windows, an architect will probably encounter the whole gammet …

Wood Structures & Wood Windows – the Resurgence Continues

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Click here to download the PDF version of this article. There’s clearly a resurgence in wood buildings happening right now. With CLT beam construction being one of Architectural Digest’s Top 5 Architectural Trends for 2018, what was old is new again. Advances in wood technologies are making once-impossible designs into extraordinary possibilities. High rise structures such as the one of world’s tallest all-wood structure, Brock Commons “Tallwood House” at the University of British Columbia, stands 18 floors high, constructed with CLT beams. Even taller wood structures are now being planned globally in Vancouver Canada, Malaysia, Japan and elsewhere, pointing to …

New England Farmhouse with Steel Windows

Steel Windows Help Redefine New England Farmhouse

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The following article feature two project collaborations by Architect Tom Kundig and Designer Rodman Primack, one in Hawaii and the other on Long Island. Dynamic was pleased to have the opportunity to supply the steel windows and doors for the beautiful Long Island project. It’s always rewarding when you get to work with both a great architect and contractor at the same time. When they came upon a piece of land in North Fork of Long Island with a 100-year-old house spectacularly sited atop a promontory jutting out into the water, they, with Kundig and Primack, immediately thought, This is it. …


Benefits of Thermally Broken Metal Windows

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The “Metal Movement” and “Thermally Broken.”. Why you want your metal windows to be BROKEN. Thermally broken metal windows provide several benefits over non-thermally broken systems. We are often asked about specific performance benefits. The basic performance premise is: Improved overall thermal performance over traditional non-thermally broken systems. Improved NFRC U-Values over non-thermally broken systems. The lower the u-value, the better the performance. Improved NFRC Condensation resistance factors (interior sweating/ice build-up). Narrow profiles equal or similar to traditional non-thermally broken. Easier Code Compliance than non-thermally broken systems. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? So how does it work? What “Thermally Broken” …

Thermally Broken Windows worth the cost?

Metal Windows: Are Thermally Broken Metal Windows Worth the Cost?

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Recently we were talking with a Contractor in Southern California and he told us about a home he’s in the final stages of building. He had used an aluminum window system which had a large proportion of the openings with non-thermally broken metal windows and doors. The purchase price was reasonable, so the order was placed. As code compliance was being re-worked for several elements of the building envelope, the Title 24 consultant pointed out that the low thermal performance value of the aluminum windows meant the rest of the envelope now had to be boosted to compensate. The additional …

Planning a successful delivery of oversized glass and custom windows and doors

Planning a Successful Delivery — Oversized Custom Windows

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“The windows are coming! I need a helicopter!” Right now, we’re in the process of delivering a good-sized order of oversized, custom-built Bronze-clad Black Walnut windows and doors to a luxury home on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The secluded waterfront lots in Tahoe are difficult to get into, with regulations protecting the shoreline, a notoriously short building season, narrow roads and heavily-treed properties. It takes detailed planning and a few creative ideas to get massive custom windows and doors into a remote location like this. In this instance, it took a helicopter. (More on that later.) Getting oversized custom windows …

When is a Defect Not a Defect? ASTM Glass Standards and the Luxury Building Industry

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“It’s much more difficult to explain expectations around industry standards once the Owner has already seen the glass… and decided it is not acceptable to their personal expectations.”  As we’ve mentioned before in our recent Oversized Architectural Glass Blog, glass isn’t perfect. It’s a fact worth repeating because few things cause more heartburn, especially to contractors, than glass industry standards – especially when those standards don’t align to the client’s expectations. Glass industry standards – we’re primarily talking about visible defects here – are set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials). Frankly, ASTM glass standards cover a …

A Guide to “Living” Patina Finishes for Architectural Bronze Windows

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“There’s no way around it – architectural bronze will change as it ages. It’s a matter of perception: whether the change is expected and welcome – or not.” Bronze is a classic material – timeless and yet so changeable. The great bronze statues of antiquity didn’t start out looking the way they do today. Nature works its own magic and the bronze changes over time. It’s a living finish. This is true for bronze windows and doors as well. Architectural bronze windows and doors will change as they age. So the question is, “What are the expectations around the change?” How …

The Maintenance-Free Myth: Maintaining Architectural Bronze Windows

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“Bronze is pretty cool stuff. So cool, in fact, they named an Age after it.” In the high-end luxury home (and boutique hospitality) niche, bronze windows & doors occupy a small but significant corner of the market.  Bronze windows aren’t for everyone. Compared to other window materials, you’ll need a truckload of money. On the other hand, bronze windows will outlast any other material. It’s a cost of purchase versus cost of ownership calculation. If you’re building that dream home to pass down to the kids and grandkids, bronze may well be the best value. With any high-dollar investment come …

How to Pick the Best Wood Species for Your Custom Wood Windows or Doors

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“In the luxury custom home niche, windows & doors can represent 8 – 15% of the total construction cost. That’s a fair chunk of change — and one of several reasons to know a thing or two about choosing the right materials.” How do you pick the best wood species for your custom wood windows and doors? The answer is… there’s no short answer. Before you roll your eyes, let us explain. It’s easy to underestimate the impact of the wood you choose for custom windows and doors. Considering that windows and doors can represent 8-15% of the total construction cost …

Steel Windows and Doors

Dynamic Steel-Arte in Wine Country

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Osborn Siegert Architecture and Centric General Contractors recently selected Dynamic Architectural as their fenestration partner for the new Davies Tasting Room in the Diamond Mountain appellation south of Calistoga. This unique construction, with steel windows and doors supplied by Dynamic, is helping bind the region’s history and the local community together. Davies Vineyards was conceived at the historic Schramsberg Winery, which is situated in the Diamond Mountain appellation south of Calistoga. Named after Jack and Jamie Davies, the founders restored Schramsberg, one of the earliest wineries in Napa Valley. Their son Hugh is the President of Schramsberg and he oversees wine making for …

modern idaho rural home by Olson Kundig

Modern Rural Idaho Home by Olson Kundig

Dynamic Architectural Publications

The Bigwood Residence by architectural firm Olson Kundig is tucked into a hillside in Sun Valley, a resort town in Idaho. Encompassing 6,500 square feet (604 square metres), the two-storey vacation home offers sweeping views of natural landmarks such as Bald Mountain, Griffin Butte and Adams Gulch. The house is composed of two cantilevering bars made of glass and steel, which project toward the landscape. One bar serves as the main dwelling, while the other contains guest quarters. Providing a strong connection to the surrounding environment was a guiding concern for the architects. With exterior steel windows and door systems by Dynamic Architectural, …

Lessons Learned working with Architectural Oversized Glass

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Pushing the Limits: What’s Possible with Oversized Glass
The challenge on these projects is to get the entire team on the same page from the very beginning — from the Architect and General Contractor, to the glass supplier and window fabricator — everyone needs to clearly understand how these projects are different.


Free and Fair Trade

Dynamic Architectural Press Releases

The U.S and Canada’s economies are closely tied and mutually beneficial. As each others #1 customer, our trade is deeply integrated and co-dependent. Any change in the way we do business with each other would have significant impacts on both sides of the border. Almost 5 million people in North America (1% of the total population) have jobs thanks to the robust trade between Canada and the U.S. Learn more about why investing in each other’s economies is a win-win solution. “Most of the components used in Dynamic’s windows and doors are sourced from the US.”         …

Shingle Style Home by Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Shingle Style Home Strikes the Right Balance

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This timeless Colonial Shingle style home design is situated on a rocky ridge with spectacular views in Rye, New York. The architect, McKee Patterson, AIA, of Austin Patterson Disston Architects in Southport, Connecticut, achieved a delicate balance of subtlety and grand presence through finely wrought details that allow the homeowners’ art—and the stunning waterfront setting—to shine. “There’s a fine line between something looking too ornamented and not ornamental enough,” Patterson says. “It’s tricky to know where to stop and where to go.” Patterson and the homeowners agreed that the home should strike a balance, encouraging an easygoing pace without sacrificing …

Brooklyn Heights Row House Gets a Bold New Personality

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The renovation of this Brooklyn Heights row house features modern elements within a historic context. Glass and steel windows and doors open up the living spaces to light and air, breathing new life into the mid-1800s brick structure. In the living room, a brushed-brass Lindsey Adelman chandelier is suspended above an A. Rudin sofa and a vintage chair reupholstered in Holly Hunt’s Amazed in Night Magic; the floor lamp is from Ralph Lauren Home. Andy Diaz Hope’s Centering Device #8 is mounted in the corner. A custom tufted Chesterfield sofa, mahogany table, and Artistic Frame nailhead-trim chair form a dining area off the …

Luxury modern Aspen home with steel windows and doors

Aspen Abode with Modern, Linear Architecture

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In the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, every turn in the road holds the promise of a spectacular new vista—and the magnificent sights are not necessarily limited to snow-capped peaks and expansive valley views. The area around Aspen, for instance, has become home to many impressive examples of architecture, including a contemporary structure by architects Rich Pavcek and Charles Cunniffe designed to both embrace its site along the Roaring Fork River and stand out from a wild landscape of evergreen, aspen and cottonwood trees. “This is a pretty extraordinary environment,” says Cunniffe—and one that required an equally impressive response. The …

Modern Austin Home with Steel Pivot Door

Clear Sightlines in Modern Austin Home

Dynamic Architectural Publications

Natural elements and watery hues imbue this resort-like home on Lake Austin. Limestone and smooth acrylic stucco cover the home’s main body, while the second story is clad with zinc panels. The interiors combine modern and natural elements in reference to the lakeside setting. A cantilevered roofline creates variations in this modern Austin home’s geometric lines, while warm wood soffits and zinc panels break up its stone-and-stucco massing. Aluminum-clad windows and a custom steel-and-glass pivot door fabricated by Dynamic allows in sunlight and creates a sightline through the home to the backyard. “This home is all about the lake lifestyle. It’s almost …

Minimal and Serene

San Francisco Architect “Minimal and Serene”

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Some years ago, San Francisco architect John Maniscalco came across one of those opportunities that demand a certain stamina: an aging two-story house was available for a relative bargain price but required lengthy negotiations with the city’s historic-preservation board in order to overhaul. But its location—directly bordering the national parklands of the Presidio—was ideal for his family’s vision of “a country house in the city,” as he describes it. Indeed, the resulting 5,400-square-foot residence emphasizes connection to the outdoors to a degree that would be notable even in a rural setting. To take advantage of the expansive views, the architect …

Mountain Rustic Custom Home

Mountain Home, Built for the Views

Dynamic Architectural Publications

Excerpts from Norman Kolpas of Mountain Living A Dream Home in the Tetons with Mod Style “Views of the Tetons are almost always the paramount issue here in Jackson Hole,” says Brad Hoyt, lead architect of Hoyt/CTA Architects Engineers in Jackson, Wyoming. The building site, almost an acre of ridge-top land in the Spring Creek Ranch subdivision, slopes downward to both the west and the south. For this reason the architects opted to stack the home’s three levels, orienting the primary rooms toward views that sweep directly across the valley to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and span the entire Teton Range. “We …

2016 AIA Housing Award

Dynamic is honored to have supplied windows to winning design

Dynamic Architectural Awards, Press Releases, Publications

Excerpts from the article on the American Institute of Architects website. Lake|Flato’s Hog Pen Creek Residence is one of ten projects honored nationwide with a 2016 AIA Housing Award for it’s cohesive, place-based design emphasizing exterior living space and connections to the outdoors. The Hog Pen Creek Residence was designed as a home for a Bay Area couple who were looking to return to their Texas roots as they were approaching retirement age. They asked that the house connect to the outdoors, facilitate his training as an Ironman triathlete, and accommodate separate office spaces as they transition to retirement. One …

Rustic Modern Lake Tahoe Home

Lake Tahoe Home Blends Multiple Styles

Dynamic Architectural Publications

Excerpts from Kyle Magin of Tahoe Quarterly An expertly crafted home for a family of six in Martis Camp inspires a double-take. A stone, metal and clear cedar palette is standard in Martis homes, but there’s something different about this one. Traditional materials join together in a decidedly contemporary way—the sandstone is cut horizontally as opposed to stacked, copper shingles will age differently than the more common hot-rolled steel applications while curved rooflines bend conventional materials to the home’s contemporary design. It beckons for a closer inspection both inside and out. Homeowners commissioned Keith Kelly and Ryan Marsden of Truckee’s Kelly-Stone Architects, …

Modern windows

Houzz Features Coastal Home Supplied by Dynamic

Dynamic Architectural Publications

Just What Mom Wanted, Off the Washington Coast With an art studio, age-in-place features and a view-maximizing design, this home shows just how well the architect knows his client. Read more of this Houzz article.

Modern Windows

Feature Project: Turner Boaz Architecture – Fort Worth, Texas

Dynamic Architectural Project Stories

This month’s feature home enjoys expansive views of the Shady Oaks golf club in the thriving metropolis of Fort Worth, Texas. Combining a palette of natural materials into a substantial but not over whelming design, the home is a graceful blend of traditional and modern elements, timeless and welcoming. Architect Weldon Turner of Turner Boaz Architecture in Dallas, Texas wanted the home to open up to the views across the golf course greens but the existing house had been built on a deeply excavated lot. It was first necessary to remove the structure and completely in-fill the property to achieve ...
Custom Wood Windows

Feature Project: Poss Architecture + Planning – Aspen, CO

Dynamic Architectural Project Stories

This family retreat is part of an 860 acre working ranch. Local architectural traditions are reinterpreted, creating a unique collection of structures that carefully integrate into the rural site. The master plan creates a compound for the family residence with dramatic views to the Elk Mountains and includes a separate equestrian and working ranch facility located within the existing pastures. A series of connected structures are loosely organized around a central courtyard, reminiscent of regional historic ranch compounds. A bridge wing which houses an office creates a dramatic entry gateway into the compound. Intensive rock site walls, landscaping and cascading ...
Traditional Windows

Feature Project: Austin Patterson Disston Architects – Southport, CT & Quogue, NY

Dynamic Architectural Project Stories

The site of Dynamic's feature home of the month overlooks Noroton Harbor in Darien, Connecticut, where boating activities abound often through all but the coldest months and have done so since the late nineteenth century when summer residents built homes. Architect McKee Patterson, AIA, of Austin Patterson Disston Architects in Southport, Connecticut and his clients settled on a Shingle Style house as it recalls the relaxed and gracious early 20th century seaside life. “They wanted the house to feel timeless, generous but not overly grand,” says architect McKee (Mac) Patterson. Porches grace the front and side entrance. Two second floor ...
Steel Windows

Batimat Exhibition, Paris: International Window Design Awards

Dynamic Architectural Awards, Press Releases, Publications

Two International Design Awards at Batimat in Paris for the “ARTE” Thermally Broken Steel Window Profile VANCOUVER, BC – April 2012 Dynamic Architectural Windows & Doors is proud to announce that the “ARTE” thermally broken steel window & door profile enjoyed double success, winning two awards at this year’s international construction design exhibition. The Batimat Building Exhibition in Paris is one of the most important international tradeshows for the construction industry, showcasing innovative technical solutions that characterize sustainable construction and renovation projects. The international “Innovation & Design” competitions are an integral part of the Batimat exhibition, drawing a large number …

Custom Wood Windows

Feature Project: Balance Associates, Architects – Seattle, WA

Dynamic Architectural Project Stories

Project Name: Cortes Island Residence Project Location: Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada Project Year: 2011 Site Area: 9 +/- Acres House Area: 1850 square feet Dynamic's feature home of the month is located on Cortes Island, British Columbia, a remote island on the Straight of Georgia at the mouth of Desolation Sound. The site is formed of natural granite bedrock and contains a dramatic peninsula and cliff which serve as a windbreak for Cortes Bay and the Seattle and Vancouver yacht clubs. The clients were looking for a house that would eventually become their fulltime residence but could also serve ...
Traditional Windows

Feature Project: Catalano Architects – Boston, MA

Dynamic Architectural Project Stories

The Stonehenge Farm in Eastern Massachusetts is sited on 111 acres of open agricultural land with expansive views of fields and paddocks. Dynamic is pleased to share the story behind this New England home designed by Catalano Architects of Boston, MA and built by Richard Rigoli of Waltham, MA. The design of the home was directly inspired by the rich tradition of the New England agrarian architecture of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. A rambling approach to the massing breaks down the overall scale of the house nicely and allows it to sit comfortably in its agrian landscape. The ...
Clyfford Still Museum

Allied Architects Project Featured in Architect Online Magazine

Dynamic Architectural Publications

Architect Online Magazine, the official media publication of AIA, recently published the following story and slide show on the Clifford-Still Museum in Denver. The project was designed by Allied Architects in Portland Oregon. Dynamic supplied all of the stained mahogany exterior windows and the interior lift & slide doors separating the painting room.