A Dynamic approach to Sub-Contracting

Design Assist is a collaborative team-oriented delivery method that capitalizes on the benefits of early engagement of Design Assist Subcontractors. Using the Design Assist Process, the project team is able to utilize the specialty expertise of the Design Assist Subcontractor in both the design and construction phases to optimize project cost, value and construction efficiency.


  • The major benefits of the Design Assist Delivery Method are faster project delivery, elimination of costs caused by inefficient and un-constructible designs, better control of the effects of design creep on the budget and best value options.
  • Design Assist allows designers and contractors to work as a collaborative team in the design phase, enabling them to detect and resolve design problems and constructability issues prior to construction.
  • Value is added by ensuring that there are no budget overruns due to design creep, while still maintaining functionality and quality standards.
  • Using a proactive team approach will yield a best value design. By providing design reviews, cost information and design alternatives early in the design phase, Design Assist Subcontractors can advise and guide the design to achieve a cost efficient, quality design that does not exceed the budget.

The Dynamic team of Project Managers will work cooperatively with the design team with respect to the following:

  • Design Assistance
  • Value Engineering Systems Analysis
  • Constructability
  • Cost estimating and “Target Value Design”.
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Site issues

When should Design Assist be Considered?

  • When involving a Subcontractor in the design might have a significant, positive impact on the cost, the schedule or other aspects of the project.
  • Plain vanilla or replicated “cookie-cutter” projects, like standard big box retail or convenience stores, would probably not be prime candidates for design-assist.

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