The National Fenestration Rating Council is the recognized independent authority that regulates the testing and performance certification for the window and door industry. NFRC certification requires each window design to have a computer modelled performance that is confirmed by an independently tested physical sample of the same design. Once certified the performance can be calculated for any number of glass combinations. The performance ratings of the glass combinations are available for public review @

Dynamic Architectural Windows & Doors offers a wide range of glazing flexibility and has 100’s of NFRC certified ratings of alternative glazing combinations to meet the design requirements of almost every application. Variables include different types of Low E coatings, spacer bars, inert gases and triple glazing. Many states have implemented unique and stringent performance requirements and the building code compliance needs to be addressed during the window selection process. Whether you’re in California and working to the Title 24 requirements or meeting the code of Washington State, each state in the country have their own requirements and that requires careful consideration.

Dynamic will assist in developing a specification that will achieve the desired performance requirements addressing the variables that can affect the performance. Below is a brief description of the variables that impact the published NFRC performance results.

  • The grid or muntin types – No muntins vs. True-divided lites vs. Simulated divided lights
  • The material used in the spacer bar can have a substantial impact on performance
  • The depth of the air-space between glass surfaces is important.
  • The use of different inert gases types has an impact on performance.
  • The type and location of Low E (low emissivity) coatings can dictate unique performance results.
  • The use of double or triple glazing.

To view our NFRC performance data select a Dynamic product line from the Resources menu on the left side of the screen.

Keep in mind, the list of values on the website is only a small sample of the 100’s of values we have on file. Contact our office or your local representative and we will assist selecting a performance that will meet the project requirements.

There are other methods of calculating the energy model for a building using either the prescriptive or performance methods. Each state and climate zone will have regulations to meet their requirements and Dynamic can assist you in working through the both approaches in developing the energy model that best meets the design criteria and budget.

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