Laminated Glass Keeps Tigers Out Of Your Bedroom (and Other Surprising Benefits of Using Laminated Glass in Architecture)

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Given the number of conversations we have on the subject, perhaps laminated glass isn’t always appreciated for its full range of benefits. We are seeing glass used more and more as a significant component of the architectural design of exterior envelopes. The trend doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. Expectations that glass should do more (and different) things has grown. And of course, architects have been bombarded with glass performance data ranging from actual breakthrough technologies to mere overblown hyperbole. While we work on specifications for high-tech glass on a daily basis (switch-lite glass, bullet-proof and blast-proof glass, …

Sound Transmission Class & the Architectural Pursuit of Serenity

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More than ever before, architects are looking for solutions to noise pollution. While we may all agree that Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, other forms of noise definitely are. Too much noise directly affects a homeowner’s enjoyment of their space. It could be traffic, an airport or rail line, the nightclub or busy late night restaurant across the street – or a bit of all of those. The cacophony of modern urban living has magnified the pursuit of a refuge, an oasis of peace and quiet. Architects seek to deliver solutions for serenity and calm through their architectural design. …

FDEPFAA: How “Factory Direct” Made An Architect Happy

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Once upon a time, there was an architect. He dreamed and he drew. First, he designed a small addition for a house down the street (actually his Mum’s but that’s largely irrelevant). Then he designed a cabin on a lake. Life was good. He was asked to design a house for the Mayor, then the Judge. Before long, his fame spread far beyond his hometown. Dukes, Princes, Kings, Queens and Rupert Murdoch all wanted him to design their houses. Yes, life was good indeed. And yet, a small voice in his head kept whispering, “You can still do better.” (As …

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Managing Code Compliance With Modern Architectural Home Designs – California’s Title 24 Codes and Beyond

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The changes to California’s Title 24 codes which came into effect on January 1st 2018 have had a noticeable impact on architecture, particularly on modern homes with large expanses of glass. At 60% glass in the envelope, you almost need to be a Chess Grand Master to plot the moves in advance to successfully achieve compliance. Whether you’re using the Prescriptive approach or the Performance model, it’s trickier now than ever before with modern designs. Here’s a look at managing code compliance in California and other states with similar requirements, including a reference list of fenestration considerations to address during …

Welded Aluminum Windows

Welded Metal Windows vs. Mechanically-Fastened: What’s the Comparison?

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A key feature of our Steel, Bronze or Alumin-Arte series of thermally broken metal windows and doors is that components are cut, welded, ground smooth, and then painted. This results in a different product than a mechanically-fastened system. Here’s a quick look at why we do welded metal windows, how we do it, and the results in terms of strength, aesthetics, and longevity. Mechanically-Fastened Metal Windows The standard method of assembling aluminum systems typically involves mechanically-fastened profiles, either nailed, screwed, or crimped together. It’s a quick and efficient way to manufacture, requiring fewer fabrication process steps. Finishing costs are much …

Architectural Specifications for Genuine Mahogany Windows

The Real Mahogany: Architectural Specifications for Genuine Mahogany Windows

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Mahogany. A classic, desirable wood. It’s also commonly imitated. A quote for mahogany windows that seems too good to be true may actually be so. Here’s how to know what exactly you are getting when requesting a quote for mahogany. We’re very familiar with comparing “apples to apples” when talking to architects or contractors about window estimates. It’s a valid part of the due diligence process intended to ensure that the relative value of each proposal is understood by the design team. That’s how it should be. With specifications for Mahogany windows, an architect will probably encounter the whole gammet …

Wood Structures & Wood Windows – the Resurgence Continues

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Click here to download the PDF version of this article. There’s clearly a resurgence in wood buildings happening right now. With CLT beam construction being one of Architectural Digest’s Top 5 Architectural Trends for 2018, what was old is new again. Advances in wood technologies are making once-impossible designs into extraordinary possibilities. High rise structures such as the one of world’s tallest all-wood structure, Brock Commons “Tallwood House” at the University of British Columbia, stands 18 floors high, constructed with CLT beams. Even taller wood structures are now being planned globally in Vancouver Canada, Malaysia, Japan and elsewhere, pointing to …


Benefits of Thermally Broken Metal Windows

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The “Metal Movement” and “Thermally Broken.”. Why you want your metal windows to be BROKEN. Thermally broken metal windows provide several benefits over non-thermally broken systems. We are often asked about specific performance benefits. The basic performance premise is: Improved overall thermal performance over traditional non-thermally broken systems. Improved NFRC U-Values over non-thermally broken systems. The lower the u-value, the better the performance. Improved NFRC Condensation resistance factors (interior sweating/ice build-up). Narrow profiles equal or similar to traditional non-thermally broken. Easier Code Compliance than non-thermally broken systems. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? So how does it work? What “Thermally Broken” …

Thermally Broken Windows worth the cost?

Metal Windows: Are Thermally Broken Metal Windows Worth the Cost?

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Recently we were talking with a Contractor in Southern California and he told us about a home he’s in the final stages of building. He had used an aluminum window system which had a large proportion of the openings with non-thermally broken metal windows and doors. The purchase price was reasonable, so the order was placed. As code compliance was being re-worked for several elements of the building envelope, the Title 24 consultant pointed out that the low thermal performance value of the aluminum windows meant the rest of the envelope now had to be boosted to compensate. The additional …

Planning a successful delivery of oversized glass and custom windows and doors

Planning a Successful Delivery — Oversized Custom Windows

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“The windows are coming! I need a helicopter!” Right now, we’re in the process of delivering a good-sized order of oversized, custom-built Bronze-clad Black Walnut windows and doors to a luxury home on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The secluded waterfront lots in Tahoe are difficult to get into, with regulations protecting the shoreline, a notoriously short building season, narrow roads and heavily-treed properties. It takes detailed planning and a few creative ideas to get massive custom windows and doors into a remote location like this. In this instance, it took a helicopter. (More on that later.) Getting oversized custom windows …

When is a Defect Not a Defect? ASTM Glass Standards and the Luxury Building Industry

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“It’s much more difficult to explain expectations around industry standards once the Owner has already seen the glass… and decided it is not acceptable to their personal expectations.”  As we’ve mentioned before in our recent Oversized Architectural Glass Blog, glass isn’t perfect. It’s a fact worth repeating because few things cause more heartburn, especially to contractors, than glass industry standards – especially when those standards don’t align to the client’s expectations. Glass industry standards – we’re primarily talking about visible defects here – are set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials). Frankly, ASTM glass standards cover a …

A Guide to “Living” Patina Finishes for Architectural Bronze Windows

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“There’s no way around it – architectural bronze will change as it ages. It’s a matter of perception: whether the change is expected and welcome – or not.” Bronze is a classic material – timeless and yet so changeable. The great bronze statues of antiquity didn’t start out looking the way they do today. Nature works its own magic and the bronze changes over time. It’s a living finish. This is true for bronze windows and doors as well. Architectural bronze windows and doors will change as they age. So the question is, “What are the expectations around the change?” How …

The Maintenance-Free Myth: Maintaining Architectural Bronze Windows

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“Bronze is pretty cool stuff. So cool, in fact, they named an Age after it.” In the high-end luxury home (and boutique hospitality) niche, bronze windows & doors occupy a small but significant corner of the market.  Bronze windows aren’t for everyone. Compared to other window materials, you’ll need a truckload of money. On the other hand, bronze windows will outlast any other material. It’s a cost of purchase versus cost of ownership calculation. If you’re building that dream home to pass down to the kids and grandkids, bronze may well be the best value. With any high-dollar investment come …

How to Pick the Best Wood Species for Your Custom Wood Windows or Doors

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“In the luxury custom home niche, windows & doors can represent 8 – 15% of the total construction cost. That’s a fair chunk of change — and one of several reasons to know a thing or two about choosing the right materials.” How do you pick the best wood species for your custom wood windows and doors? The answer is… there’s no short answer. Before you roll your eyes, let us explain. It’s easy to underestimate the impact of the wood you choose for custom windows and doors. Considering that windows and doors can represent 8-15% of the total construction cost …

Lessons Learned working with Architectural Oversized Glass

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Pushing the Limits: What’s Possible with Oversized Glass
The challenge on these projects is to get the entire team on the same page from the very beginning — from the Architect and General Contractor, to the glass supplier and window fabricator — everyone needs to clearly understand how these projects are different.