Historical Replacement Window Options

Replacing vs. Restoring?

Every historical replacement project starts with this question. While there are clearly valid motives for pursuing restoration, with the advent of Steel-Arte Windows  we suggest there is now a better way, one that addresses authenticity, functionality and cost of purchase and ownership.

Here are a few points to consider in making this decision:

  • The overall cost of new replacement windows is often less than restoration, and the end product is superior in energy performance, durability and operation.
  • The cost of field labor to restore is higher than purchasing replica replacements.
  • Old windows may appear sound but are often warped, corroded and non-functional resulting in air infiltration and poor thermal performance.
  • Factory assembled windows are built to much higher tolerances than the original windows that were typically site built.
  • New replacement windows are designed and fitted to the frame with weather-strip designs that have been laboratory tested for performance. Field fitting of a new sash in an old frame cannot replicate an engineered & tested system.
  • New windows can replicate the historic profiles with the same sightlines and appearance but will deliver superior thermal performance with state of the art glazing flexibility and hardware functionality.
  • New replacement windows use advanced architectural coatings and finishes that cannot be replicated in a field applied restoration.

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