Wood Hinged Door

When an architect first finds out about Dynamic hinged doors, there is usually an audible sigh of relief. Most architects have been frustrated by doors restricted to 8′ tall, transoms that do not align to the plane of the door slab, with restrictive stile and rail dimensions, or inappropriate thresholds, hardware options or poor quality raw materials. Having finally found someone to manufacture over-size doors, the architect then finds out the maker will not warranty the product.

Dynamic hinged doors, over-size or not, come with a warranty. They come with flexible stile and rail dimensions, transoms that align, and a range of other options intended to allow the architect to design the door they truly want. The subtle carrying through of alignments, profiles, lite sizes, hardware and wood finishes from the windows through to the doors creates a continuity of detail that ties the whole together.

Dynamic differences

  • Over-size doors 4’+ (122cm+) wide x 12’+ (366cm+) high, with warranty
  • Stiles as narrow as 2.5″ (6.4cm) inches, bottom rails from 6.5″ (16.5cm).
  • Multiple wood species or split species sash
  • Stain grade exteriors with factory pre-finishing at component stage
  • Available with stainless steel multi-point locking hardware
  • Raised, Flat or V-groove panel profiles
  • Wood frame screen doors
  • Clear solid one piece jambs
  • Engineered stave cores
  • Wood, bronze or aluminum thresholds, or without sill.
  • Tested performance rating with low, medium or high exposure sills.
  • Sill caps to match interior flooring

Door Options

Glass Options
Wood Species Options
Hardware Options
Pre-finishing Options
Profile Options
Screen Options

Related applications

  • Ensure the sill rating is appropriate to the exposure.
  • Doors can ship without sills to accommodate on-site stone sills.
  • Laminated glass for security, safety, sound abatement, UV filtration and clarity.

Wood Hinged Application Gallery

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