Wood Double Hung Window

Dynamic vertical sliding windows combine two distinct goals: authentic historical aesthetics fused with advanced performance characteristics. In our world, authentic double hung windows have no vinyl or plastic jamb liners, no jamb inserts to conceal inferior materials and construction, and no visible plastic or metal fasteners to mar the clean appearance of the wood. The architect designs the window with complete flexibility of frame sizes, lite patterns, profiles, wood species, finishes and hardware. Dynamic offers Single Hung, Double Hung, Triple Hung and historical Weight and Chain.

Dynamic differences

  • Optional one piece sill
  • Solid wood jambs – no vinyl jamb liners, inserts or tracks
  • Over-sized frames with full depth jambs
  • Concealed balance or weight & chain
  • Restoration glazing options
  • No exposed metal or plastic fasteners
  • Flexible stile & rail dimensions
  • Multiple wood species or split species
  • Historical bead profile combinations
  • Factory pre-finishing at component stage
  • Available in our Coastal Impact Series

Window Options

Glass Options
Wood Species Options
Hardware Options
Pre-finishing Options
Profile Options
Screen Options

Related applications

  • Weather-stripping is mounted to the sash , as opposed to the jamb. When the window is open, the jamb is clean and no weather-stripping is visible.
  • The Dynamic checkrail incorporates a high-performance positive interlock with compression weather-stripping.
  • Optional sash supports or “lugz” in a variety of profiles for historical authenticity.
  • As with any vertical slider, egress openings should be confirmed.

Wood Double Hung Application Gallery

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