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Aluminum Clad Bi-fold Door

Dynamic multi-panel aluminum clad folding exterior doors offer an alternative solution for creating wide, uninterrupted openings. The Dynamic system frees the architect from many of the limitations that commonly frustrate design intent with this style of door. Many bi-fold systems have overly restrictive panel dimensions resulting in too much door, too little glass. There is a lack of wood species or finish selections, unappealing hardware options, inappropriate profiles or glazing combinations, or obtrusive sills that are detrimental to the intent of the architecture. In contrast, Dynamic’s clad bi-folding doors offer a high degree of flexibility in size, wood species and component dimension.

Dynamic differences

  • Fully warrantied with panel dimensions up to 42″ (107cm) wide and 144″ (366cm) high
  • Single piece tracks up to 28′ (8.5m) in length, with the ability to connect tracks into longer configurations
  • Stiles and top rails as narrow as 3″ (7.6cm), bottom rails 6.5″ (16.5cm)
  • Wood, brass, aluminum or flush sill options
  • Multiple wood species & split species options
  • Wood, brass or aluminum thresholds
  • True divided lite patterns, or combinations of glass with raised, flat or V groove panels
  • Stainless steel multi-point locking hardware with a broad range of handles
  • Factory pre-finishing at component stage
  • Engineered core stiles and rails

Door Options

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Wood Species Options
Hardware Options
Pre-finishing Options
Profile Options
Screen Options

Related applications

  • In-swing configurations and flush sills are susceptible to water infiltration. Appropriate interior flooring (ceramic tile, stone, sealed concrete) should be considered.
  • Bi-folding doors, regardless of configuration, do not provide water and air filtration resistance equivalent to hinged doors or Lift & Slide systems.

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