Aluminum Clad Lift & Slide Door

Dynamic’s Lift & Slide door series couples design flexibility with engineering and independent laboratory testing. The architect retains complete freedom to design the door, secure in the knowledge that the design details are proven to perform to the tested criteria. Lift & Slide door systems are typically used to create large glazed openings, or “moving walls of glass”, and as such, are much like sails on a sail boat. They can catch a lot of wind. For this reason, Dynamic eliminates performance liabilities through independent, verifiable laboratory testing and uses this expertise to protect our clients and their investment by identifying potential engineering issues and resolving them before the door system is built.

Dynamic differences

  • Straight or radius tracks, pocketing or non-pocketing
  • 90 degree angles or custom angle, with or without corner post
  • Defect free clean edge detail available
  • Squared interior jamb profile
  • Wood, bronze, aluminum or low profile sill
  • Multiple wood species or split species
  • Sliding wood frame screen doors
  • Available with TDL or glass and wood panel combinations
  • Engineered core stiles and rails
  • Laminated glass option for security, sound abatement & maximum UV filtration
  • Over-size operating slabs up to 880lbs (400 kgs)
  • Factory pre-finishing at component stage
  • Third-party engineering available
  • Motorized operation designs available with both wall switch and remote controls

Door Options

Glass Options
Wood Species Options
Hardware Options
Pre-finishing Options
Profile Options
Screen Options

Related applications

  • Lift & Slide low profile sill option for low exposures – consider interior flooring
  • Wind loads and design pressure
  • Lift & Slide hardware manufacturers recommend zero deflection on the head of the door system
  • Transoms should only be located over a Lift & Slide if there is a sufficient structural pack inbetween to ensure zero deflection

Aluminum Clad Lift & Slide Application Gallery

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