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Aluminum Clad Tilt & Turn Window

Most of the Tilt & Turn windows installed in North America are designed and built in Europe and exported to North America through a tiered network of distributors, agents and dealers. However, it has been our experience that the luxury residential market in North America continues to retain a strong preference for out-swing casements, driven primarily by two factors:

1) Tilt & Turn are in-swing windows. As such, the floor space around the window has to be kept clear for the window to operate. With a 36” (91cm) wide in-swing opening, for example, the homeowner sacrifices nine square feet of interior floor space, multiplied by the construction cost per square foot, multiplied by the total number of in-swing windows.

2) With in-swing windows, issues such as the fit and function of curtains, blinds, screens and other window treatments become more problematic.

Dynamic’s Tilt & Turn was designed and built specifically for the North American luxury residential market. We depart from the typical European design by offering flexible full depth jambs, true divided lites, North American glazing specifications, multiple wood species, flexible stile, rail and frame dimensions and multiple factory pre-finishing options.

Dynamic differences

  • Flexible stile and rail dimensions
  • True Divided Lite widths from 15/16″ (2.4cm)
  • Multiple wood species or split species
  • Restoration and laminated glazing options
  • Solid brass decorative hardware
  • All functional hardware and fasteners are stainless steel or non-ferrous metal
  • Flexible jamb depths, jambs with stress relief kerfs for added strength
  • Factory pre-finishing at component stage
  • Aluminum is finished with AMMA 2605 and/or AMMA 2604 compliant finishes (available in custom colors)
  • Custom extrusion profiles available on request

Window Options

Glass Options
Wood Species Options
Hardware Options
Pre-finishing Options
Profile Options
Screen Options

Related applications

  • Jambs can be specified with flashing kerfs to assist with installation
  • Minimum stile and rail dimension is 2.5″ (6.4cm) for Tilt & Turn hardware.

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