Bronze Clad Windows & Doors

Dynamic’s Bronze Clad Series is designed to free the architect from the frustrating limitations of products designed for European construction in terms of dimensions, jamb depths, species, profiles and finishing options. The Clad Series is crafted and engineered to meet the more rigorous demands for design flexibility in North American luxury residential construction.

The heavy gauge extrusions create a sense of permanence. Experience indicates that the Dynamic Clad Series should be incorporated into the plans from the start, ensuring the sizing of openings are scaled appropriately and the correct profiles are specified for the application.

The Bronze Clad Series is Dynamic’s premium line of windows and doors. Used on the most prestigious residential projects, the Clad Series provides a competitive alternative to higher-end steel windows and doors and requires a similar budget.

The Dynamic Bronze Clad products are available in two different and unique designs:

Dynamic Series I
: Typically used in traditional architecture with balanced sashes with well known North American millwork profiles on the interior frame & sash.

Dynamic Series II
: Typically used in modern architecture with crisp squared geometry replicating a “storefront” type design. Offered previously only in aluminum, the Series II is now also available as a Bronze Clad product line extention of the Fineline Common Mullion™ window wall system.

Dynamic’s bronze clad is a heavy gauge extruded brass. The clad is available with a traditional oil-rubbed bronze patina giving the windows and doors the appearance of naturally aged bronze. Unique amongst clad products, Dynamic utilizes proprietary plating technology to create a range of Artisan Patinas™.

Artisan Patinas™

Black Granite Bronze Cladding PatinaBlack Granite

Blue Marble Bronze Cladding PatinaBlue Marble

Brimstone Bronze Cladding PatinaBrimstone

Dark Bronze Cladding PatinaDark Bronze

Fire Opal Bronze Cladding PatinaFire Opal

Verdi Green Bronze Cladding PatinaVerdi Green

Note: Patina colors will vary

Dynamic differences

  • North American out-swing casements, vertical sliders and Fineline Common Mullion™ configurations
  • A unique palette of patinas on solid brass
  • Custom extrusion profiles available on request
  • Flexible frame dimensions with traditional North American jamb dimensions.
  • Glazing combinations to meet North American code and energy requirements
  • Multiple hardware types available in a variety of finishes

Related applications

  • The extruded bronze is a heavy gauge material, unlike the more common roll form cladding found on mass produced windows and doors. As such, the weight of the extrusion results in some limitations in operating sash size.

The Dynamic Clad Series is also available in aluminum, finished with AMMA 2605 compliant coatings (available in custom colors).

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