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Steel-Arte Casement Window

Clean, simple lines with crisp profiles enable our fixed and venting steel casement windows to integrate themselves into any modern or historical window application. Engineered and lab tested, Dynamic’s Steel-Arte casements incorporates Dynamic’s 24 years of experience building custom windows with the finest Swiss steel window system available today.

Steel-Arte is an excellent solution for both luxury residential or historical replacement projects. Combining the strength and elegance of steel with sleek narrow profiles, Steel-Arte is the long awaited solution to the issues that have been associated with conventional hot rolled steel window offerings.

Steel-Arte is not a variation on existing non-thermally broken extrusion products or those euphemistically marketed as “partially” or “enhanced” thermally broken profiles. Tinkering with conventional designs has clearly failed to address the performance issues associated with steel.

Steel-Arte utilizes a Glass Reinforced Polyethermide (GRP) component, a completely new technology combining strength with advanced thermal performance in both the frame and glass combinations.

Dynamic differences

  • True thermally broken frames and sash
  • Narrow sight lines
  • Energy efficient performance
  • Elimination of interior condensation and frost
  • Deeper glazing pockets allow for dual & triple glazing combinations & improved U values
  • State of the art architectural coatings in both powder coat and torched-on zinc patinas.
  • In-swing and out-swing designs
  • Swiss design –  tested and rated in North America to ASTM standards
  • Flexible frame dimensions with traditional North American jamb dimensions.
  • True Divided, Simulated and Lead Glass overlay muntins available
  • Glazing combinations with NFRC certified tested performance.
  • A selection of Single and Duplex cam handles
  • Framed insect screens ( some roll screen options available)
  • Hurricane / Impact tested for windborne debris to AAMA Standards

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Related applications

  • Modern casements can be integrated into our Fineline Common Mullion™ design
  • Vertical and horizontal mullions are flexible to allow manipulation of glass-to-glass dimensions and structural requirements.
  • Casements can ship with subsill, loose subsill or no subsill as required.

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