Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows by Dynamic Architectural

We are pleased to introduce a complete line of high performance Dynamic Slimline thermally broken aluminum windows, doors, sliding doors and bi-folds.

We’ve searched the globe for the most complete aluminum solution; our spec required narrow profiles, clean aesthetics, superior thermal performance with proven engineering and North American testing. Knowing the architectural design preferences in the luxury residential and boutique commercial markets we focused on the high demand hot buttons of these two segments.

At the end of this process we formed a unique OEM relationship with a Belgian based aluminum window systems supplier called Reynaers Aluminum. You may be familiar with Reynaers aluminum windows and doors as a high-end thermally broken aluminum system that is currently available through a “mark up and re-sell” dealer network in a limited number of North American cities.

Dynamic is doing things differently than the traditional dealer business model. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Dynamic will by-pass the distributor cost base by purchasing profiles and accessories in container shipments direct from the parent company in Belgium. Dynamic will complete all of the fabrication in our factory, including finishing, glazing and installation in select markets. From our experience with thermally broken steel fabrication, we know the factory direct business model delivers the highest overall value to both the architect and builder with clear and consistent communication from initial quote to final delivery.

There are several advantages to the Dynamic business model:

  • As architects, you will be dealing with the fabricator (Dynamic) directly, just like our wood and steel products, by-passing the traditional third party.
  • Dealing factory direct allows for streamlined communication with concise and timely responses to detail and application questions.
  • With Dynamic’s 24 year history of custom manufacturing, we can offer greater design flexibility in both complexity of configurations, finishes and sizes.
  • As a result of our factory direct approach, we’re able to offer an advanced aluminum system priced competitively even with lesser performing aluminum systems.
  • The Dynamic Slimline windows & doors have superior thermal performance values with NFRC testing in place using a wide range of glass combinations. Different than most aluminum fabricators, Dynamic can offer both factory glazing and glass supply as a one stop shop.

Dynamic is excited about this addition to our window & door offering. We believe it’s a superior aluminum system with a competitive price point and supported by an effective, proven business model. In short, it is the best value option when thermally broken aluminum is the specification.

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