Sound Transmission Class & the Architectural Pursuit of Serenity

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More than ever before, architects are looking for solutions to noise pollution. While we may all agree that Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, other forms of noise definitely are. Too much noise directly affects a homeowner’s enjoyment of their space. It could be traffic, an airport or rail line, the nightclub or busy late night restaurant across the street – or a bit of all of those. The cacophony of modern urban living has magnified the pursuit of a refuge, an oasis of peace and quiet. Architects seek to deliver solutions for serenity and calm through their architectural design. …

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Managing Code Compliance With Modern Architectural Home Designs – California’s Title 24 Codes and Beyond

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The changes to California’s Title 24 codes which came into effect on January 1st 2018 have had a noticeable impact on architecture, particularly on modern homes with large expanses of glass. At 60% glass in the envelope, you almost need to be a Chess Grand Master to plot the moves in advance to successfully achieve compliance. Whether you’re using the Prescriptive approach or the Performance model, it’s trickier now than ever before with modern designs. Here’s a look at managing code compliance in California and other states with similar requirements, including a reference list of fenestration considerations to address during …

Planning a successful delivery of oversized glass and custom windows and doors

Planning a Successful Delivery — Oversized Custom Windows

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“The windows are coming! I need a helicopter!” Right now, we’re in the process of delivering a good-sized order of oversized, custom-built Bronze-clad Black Walnut windows and doors to a luxury home on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The secluded waterfront lots in Tahoe are difficult to get into, with regulations protecting the shoreline, a notoriously short building season, narrow roads and heavily-treed properties. It takes detailed planning and a few creative ideas to get massive custom windows and doors into a remote location like this. In this instance, it took a helicopter. (More on that later.) Getting oversized custom windows …

The Maintenance-Free Myth: Maintaining Architectural Bronze Windows

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“Bronze is pretty cool stuff. So cool, in fact, they named an Age after it.” In the high-end luxury home (and boutique hospitality) niche, bronze windows & doors occupy a small but significant corner of the market.  Bronze windows aren’t for everyone. Compared to other window materials, you’ll need a truckload of money. On the other hand, bronze windows will outlast any other material. It’s a cost of purchase versus cost of ownership calculation. If you’re building that dream home to pass down to the kids and grandkids, bronze may well be the best value. With any high-dollar investment come …