Planning a successful delivery of oversized glass and custom windows and doors

Planning a Successful Delivery — Oversized Custom Windows

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“The windows are coming! I need a helicopter!” Right now, we’re in the process of delivering a good-sized order of oversized, custom-built Bronze-clad Black Walnut windows and doors to a luxury home on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The secluded waterfront lots in Tahoe are difficult to get into, with regulations protecting the shoreline, a notoriously short building season, narrow roads and heavily-treed properties. It takes detailed planning and a few creative ideas to get massive custom windows and doors into a remote location like this. In this instance, it took a helicopter. (More on that later.) Getting oversized custom windows …

When is a Defect Not a Defect? ASTM Glass Standards and the Luxury Building Industry

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“It’s much more difficult to explain expectations around industry standards once the Owner has already seen the glass… and decided it is not acceptable to their personal expectations.”  As we’ve mentioned before in our recent Oversized Architectural Glass Blog, glass isn’t perfect. It’s a fact worth repeating because few things cause more heartburn, especially to contractors, than glass industry standards – especially when those standards don’t align to the client’s expectations. Glass industry standards – we’re primarily talking about visible defects here – are set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials). Frankly, ASTM glass standards cover a …