Architectural Specifications for Genuine Mahogany Windows

The Real Mahogany: Architectural Specifications for Genuine Mahogany Windows

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Mahogany. A classic, desirable wood. It’s also commonly imitated. A quote for mahogany windows that seems too good to be true may actually be so. Here’s how to know what exactly you are getting when requesting a quote for mahogany. We’re very familiar with comparing “apples to apples” when talking to architects or contractors about window estimates. It’s a valid part of the due diligence process intended to ensure that the relative value of each proposal is understood by the design team. That’s how it should be. With specifications for Mahogany windows, an architect will probably encounter the whole gammet …

Wood Structures & Wood Windows – the Resurgence Continues

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Click here to download the PDF version of this article. There’s clearly a resurgence in wood buildings happening right now. With CLT beam construction being one of Architectural Digest’s Top 5 Architectural Trends for 2018, what was old is new again. Advances in wood technologies are making once-impossible designs into extraordinary possibilities. High rise structures such as the one of world’s tallest all-wood structure, Brock Commons “Tallwood House” at the University of British Columbia, stands 18 floors high, constructed with CLT beams. Even taller wood structures are now being planned globally in Vancouver Canada, Malaysia, Japan and elsewhere, pointing to …