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Dynamic offers complete flexibility of design in either single or double glazing, with all of the current energy efficient and safety and security glass technologies available on the market today. Available in single glazing or insulated glass with a ¼” (6mm), 3/8” (10mm), ½” (13mm), or 5/8” (16mm) air space. Glass thicknesses of 1/8″ (3mm) and up is available as required.

Higher Performance Glazing

If energy performance is a principle concern we recommend Softcoat Low Emissivity (Low E) glass to achieve a lower U-factor (heat loss/gain) or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The glass is sprayed with a coating of metal oxide particles that produce a higher heat reflectance. Sealed units can also be filled with argon to further increase insulating value.

Laminate and Safety Glazing

Laminated glass is quickly becoming a high-demand component of many windows and doors due to its many benefits:

  • Safety – Laminated glass is an alternative to tempered glass to comply with code requirements.
  • Security – The laminate interlayer makes forced entry through the glass opening far more difficult, time consuming and improbable than tempered or annealed glass.
  • UV reduction – Up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation is blocked by the laminate interlayer, preventing damage and fading of window dressings, rugs, carpets, furniture and artwork.
  • Sound abatement – Noise transmittance is significantly reduced with laminated glass.
  • Energy savings – Reduce solar heat gain or heat loss.
  • Protection from natural disasters – Used as a key component in our impact-tested windows and doors, the laminate interlayer helps keep the glass in the frame, prevents flying shards of glass and the entrance of air-borne projectiles during earthquakes or hurricanes.
  • Low distortion – Unlike tempered glass, there are no roller marks, waves or distortion to mar the view .

Laminated glass size limitations may be a consideration for some over-sized applications.

Obscured Glazing

Dynamic stocks a range of obscured glass options for bathrooms, closets, privacy or other interior applications.

Ultra-clear Glazing

low_iron_glassUltra-clear low iron glass provides designers and architects with a new option for vision glass applications. This glazing product maximizes light transmission and brings an uncommon brightness and clarity to the interior. A few additional properties of this glass:

  • Maximum transparency – 5% higher visible light transmittance than ordinary clear glass
  • High fidelity color transmission – undistorted view of the exterior
  • New level of visual brightness and clarity

True divided lites

With computer-guided machinery enabling exacting manufacturing tolerances, Dynamic is able to deliver some of the narrowest and cleanest true divided lite sightlines in the custom wood window and door industry. Glazing bead profiles are available in several standard profiles, with custom profiles available on request.

At Dynamic we strongly believe that true-divided lites are far superior over the test of time, when compared to the applied or false muntins used by many manufacturers. True divided lite glass can be repaired inexpensively without having to replace entire windows or sash, an important fact to remember when you consider very few window companies continue to support any one design, size or technology for the life of a typical window.

Lead overlay glass

True leaded lites / leaded glass overlay

For traditional applications, true leaded or leaded glass overlay options are available in square or diamond patterns. The leaded glass overlay can be soldered at each joint for a more authentic look.

Leaded Glass Overlay Windows in Traditional Home

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