Factory Applied Euro-Stain

A premium 3 part Low VOC water- based spray applied stain application specifically designed for outdoor applications. The Euro stain topcoat includes the much talked about nanotechnology for added durability.

State of the art nanotechnology breaks the molecular make-up of the top coat stain layer into tiny nano (one billionth of a meter) particles to form a tighter film. The improved characteristics of the nano topcoat film results in a harder more resistant surface while not compromising transparency.

Reasons to choose EURO-STAIN from DYNAMIC

  • Wide range of colors
  • Superior transparency
  • Resistance to surface degradation
  • Resistance to algae & fungal growths
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Low VOC content without harmful gases
  • Factory finish at the component stage provides superior product coverage.

Durability and product life is dependent on the continuous application and the maintenance of the finish. Regular Stain maintenance and refinishing will prolong product life and performance.

See our standard stain colors [PDF, 1.6MB].

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