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Dynamic offers solid wood or metal framed screen with a variety of screen fabrics including bronze, copper, aluminum and vinyl. They are available with solid brass hinges or solid brass plungers and with brass or wood knob pulls. Hinged and stationery screens are easily removable for winter storage. Concealed roll screens with a milled wood finger pull provide a convenient, out-of-sight option to framed screens.

Dynamic differences

  • Solid-feeling window and door screens, from 1″ (2.5cm) to 1 3/4″ (4.4cm) thick
  • Solid brass hardware (knobs, hinges & plungers), plated to match your window and door package
  • Multiple mesh types and colors (bronze, copper, aluminum and vinyl)
  • Optional UltraVue® Screen Series – making the screen fabric virtually invisible with 25% better airflow
  • Over-sized window and door screens available
  • Supports as required on over-sized screens
  • Concealed roll-screens with wood handle pull available

Rollscreen: with wood pull in matching wood species


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