Steel Duplex Cam Handleshadow3


Multi-point hardware

Dynamic stainless steel multi-point hardware locking provides maximum security with multiple points of locking around the sash perimeter. The number of locking points is variable depending on the size of the window.

The multiple steel shoot bolts are conveniently operated with a single interior handle. The handles and trim plates are solid brass and are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. We can also supply the window or door with the locking hardware only, allowing for the on-site installation of customer-supplied handles and plates at a later date.

Stainless steel multi-point locking hardware is also available for stile and rail doors. Optional specifications include European profile cylinders and keyed or non-keyed exteriors.

Laminated glass

Included among benefits of sound abatement and 99% ultraviolet filtration, laminated glass provides optimum security for entry level rough openings. Dynamic offers both PVB interlayers as well as the option for the added security of rigid interlayers. Rigid interlayers dramatically improves security against forced entry.

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