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Door Sills & Thresholds

Dynamic sills come in wood, aluminum or bronze with designs accommodating low, medium and high exposure locations. High exposure sills include a caulked saddle and one way water escape valves that are built into the sill. The valves self-seal under negative design pressure to prevent water backing up into the house.

On all Dynamic hinged doors, the interlocking saddle (threshold) comes in aluminum or solid brass and can be plated to suit your application. The wood species of the sill or sill cap can be matched to the interior flooring as required.

Door Sills

High Exposure Hinged Sill and Low Exposure Lift & Slide Sill

One of Dynamic’s most popular door options is our low profile sill for Lift & Slide and bi-folding doors. Unlike competing sill designs, the Dynamic low profile sill allows an almost seamless transition from interior to exterior. Designed for low exposure applications, the low profile sill can also be installed in a manner that allows for optimization of drainage or use in cold-weather applications.

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