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Split Species

Offering a broad range of wood species is a prerequisite in the luxury home market. Architects at this level simply expect it. Dynamic goes one step further, and is one of the few manufacturers who offer a “split species” sash, where different wood species are used on either face of the window or door. The process requires specialized knowledge and equipment, but the resulting sash creates new possibilities for blending the interior of the door or window into its surrounding environment.

Split Species Wood Windows

Interior species can be matched to the flooring, cabinetry, or interior millwork of the room without sacrificing exterior durability. Split species options include any combination of Dynamic exterior and interior species listed below. If the species you want is not listed, please contact us.

Wood Species

All Dynamic lumber is kiln-dried to specific moisture content levels and proportioned to projects in wetter or drier climates according to moisture content. This method of moisture control facilitates the manufacturing of climate-appropriate windows and doors that have a lower propensity for warping, cracking or the separation of joints.

As a company that specializes exclusively in the manufacture of custom wood windows and doors for luxury and estate homes, Dynamic appreciates the importance of offering a wide range of wood species. While exterior species are limited to those with suitable properties to resist the elements, interior species are virtually unlimited.

Click on links below to see a sample of the wood species we offer with a detailed description of the wood properties.

Species information has been provided by www.woodworkingnetwork.com

Reclaimed Chestnut

Reclaimed “Wormy Chestnut” interior wood species

Exterior & Interior Species:

Interior species include but are not limited to:

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