Free & Fair Trade

This information gives a quick overview of how the U.S and Canada’s economies are so closely tied and mutually beneficial.

The U.S. and Canada are each others number 1 customer. This means our trade is so deeply integrated and co-dependent that any change in the way we do business with each other would have significant impacts on both sides of the border.


1 Canada is the #1 Customer in 35 of the 50 American states.
2 Canada is the #2 Customer in 6 other states.

This means more than 15% of all American goods and services sold in the world are bought by Canadians. The U.S. is the largest market for all of our 10 provinces and 1 territory.

3 The sales of goods and services to our largest trade partner supported more than
2.5 million jobs in Canada in 2015.

4 The sales of American goods and services into Canada + their direct investment supported
2.3 million American jobs in 2015.

Almost 5 million people in North America(1% of the total population) have jobs thanks to the robust trade between Canada and the U.S.

5 64% of all products and services produced and sold between Canada and the U.S. contains components or raw materials sourced from each country.

6 For every $1 of product that Canada sells to the United States,30 cents of the raw material or components are American.

7 Just one example:
Vehicles manufactured in Canada and shipped to the U.S. CONTAIN 48% AMERICAN COMPONENTS ON AVERAGE.

We use American raw materials and components in the majority of everything we sell which puts 30 cents back into the pockets of U.S. consumers for every $1 they spend.

8 The U.S. ran a small surplus of $ U.S 6 billion with its trade to Canada in 2015 compared to a deficit of
$US 334 billion with China and a deficit of $US58 million with Mexico.

9 Like our trade in goods and services, the U.S. is the first stop when Canadians want to establish operations outside of Canada.
10 Likewise, Canada is the second destination for American companies looking to invest outside their borders.

We invest in each other’s economies


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