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Coastal Impact Series™

With storms of ever increasing magnitude in the news, the destructive power of coastal windstorms should never be under-estimated.

Severe storm related damage to homes in the coastal areas of the United States attributed to wind borne debris has insurance companies and building code regulators moving quickly to adopt Impact Resistant window codes.

Additional coastal states are scheduled to adopt the requirements of the ASTM E 1996 and ASTME E 1886 impact resistance criteria into their building codes. While each state has their own schedule for adoption, a number of states have implemented the I-Codes using the ASTM impact standards as the benchmark for 3rd party test criteria.

Impact Resistant windows and doors have proven to reduce the extent of damages to personal property by wind borne debris, however many architects have found the new code requirements have restricted their design flexibility to use custom windows and doors.

Dynamic invests heavily in High Performance and Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

Committed to increasing design flexibility in a world of changing building codes, Dynamic has engineered and laboratory tested the widest range of styles and sizes of custom wood, wood-clad and thermally-broken steel window and doors available today. By offering a wider range of profiles and designs, Dynamic’s Coastal Impact Series™ enables the architect to avoid the unappealing aesthetics of competitive alternatives.

Approved ASTM Impact Resistant Designs

All Dynamic Coastal Series™ wood and wood-clad windows and doors are available in Genuine Mahogany, Alaskan Yellow Cedar or vertical grain Douglas Fir with a wide selection of factory pre-finishing options.

Here’s the current list of approved and tested wood, wood-clad and thermally-broken steel windows and doors that meet or exceed regional codes throughout the eastern seaboard and most Gulf states including Hawaii.

  • Concealed Balance Double Hungs
  • Weight & Chain Double Hungs
  • Weight & Chain Triple Hungs
  • Double Hungs with radius or camber tops
  • Radius face or bent Glass double hungs
  • Multi-point, Cam handle or roto operated out-swing casements
  • Casements with radius or camber tops
  • Radius face or bent glass casements and fixed picture windows
  • Oversized awnings
  • Lift & Slide doors
  • In-swing Dutch doors
  • In-swing French doors
  • True French casements without a fixed mullion
  • Outswing French doors
  • Over-sized fixed picture windows

Dynamic differences

  • All stainless or non-ferrous hardware and fasteners
  • Availability of larger sizes (both doors and windows)
  • In-swing hinged door designs
  • A variety of vertical slider designs including triple hungs
  • A selection of SDL profiles
  • A variety of high performance glazing options
  • Split species designs with exotic hardwood interiors
  • Curved tops and bent glass radius designs
  • Optional 3rd party engineering services for structural review and fastening recommendations

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